I should say overcharged for crap. Today, I attempted contact TWICE — once in the morning and once just a few minutes ago (via chat). With CenturyLink Internet, you can choose from a wide range of available speeds that fit your online needs. When you get a bill it is never what they say it will be after talking to multiple people & supervisors next month same thing after many years I have decided to ditch this company. If the pros outweigh the cons, then yes. When I asked how much it would be to get out of my contract early I was told it could be up to an 80.00 charge to break my contract (2 months left btw. SUCH terrible customer service. She’s still waiting for the next Dragon Age game . . Brilliant. The internet sucks always going out. CenturyLink locks in your price for life—no contract required. Then they said Wednesday. My service was interrupted, I made a payment on the automated system after hours, I realized I put in a wrong account number. I find the customer service agents very rude and un-personable each and every time I call. You can also bundle CenturyLink with DIRECTV. American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), “. They are the worst and I will be cancelling my account at the end of this month when I will be moving and not bringing them with me! We should also mention that you won’t get a Price for Life guarantee from most other internet service providers. After all, unlimited data means no worries. Non no how to do their jobs. Don’t use their services. Is cable even available, or are you in too rural an area? First our modem was to be shipped to our house. Running up my data plan on my phone! Cox is the way to go. https://www.reviews.com/utilities/internet/centurylink-review Rude and inconsiderate are the two best words to dedcribe this company. Ok, here we go. If you’re thinking about going to century link just save your time and effort with another company. Centurylink is terrible been a customer since before 2004, after 6 more months never again. With CenturyLink’s Fiber Gigabit service, according to their terms and conditions, the rate is subject to change, which you may want to keep in mind before committing. On Friday, they claimed they couldn’t get in. She couldn’t help me anymore but I could talk with her supervisor ( how many levels of supervisors do they have??) Worst company to exist in the U.S. Total liars. . A week went by and still nothing, so I called them just to be put on hold and transferred 5 different time to be told the department That I needed was now closed and I would need to call back. She lied to me and was just disrespectful! 2. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply. This is not a guarantee. Not even hughesnet. CenturyLink Fiber Internet. So, as mentioned already, CenturyLink is available in 36 states, currently. But do those perks outweigh the downsides of confusing download speed availability, lackluster internet speeds, and notoriously difficult customer service? Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. Never choose this company!! I have never experienced such poor customer service as this place. So I set up a payment plan with someone, however they continued to charge me late fees since my bill wasn’t paid in full. We’d prefer a more definitive answer. By contrast, cable internet travels by underground copper coaxial cables. Switched recently from Comcast to CenturyLink fiber optic. This went on for months. Calling CenturyLink’s customer service “ho-hum” is a compliment. Scary deception – never allow direct billing through bank – a better paper trail may have helped but seems I’ve been screwed. I pay $151 a month after all the taxes, and the BS fees centurylink charges, but it seems to me that that's just the cost of great internet in a pre-Google location. Specifically, their phone solutions come with a clear connection, total reliability, and unlimited local calling at a … So how does their performance and pricing compare to cable internet, like Xfinity? to get orders done the customer service operators have little or no tech and only say the script According to CenturyLink’s research on their subscribers, a miniscule fraction of users actually exceed 1TB each month; as such, rather than punishing these few with overage charges or throttling, CenturyLink just monitors the overall network. After all was said and done.. they never even hooked up one wire in our house then had the nerve to send us a bill for our first month of service (which I was told would be free BTW) and this was for a service that NEVER GOT CONNECTED. But if you prefer to save money over getting the fastest speeds available, CenturyLink is still an excellent choice thanks to its Price for Life guarantee and low monthly prices. At least Comcast sends people out to pretend to fix things. Cancel the account on the phone to get an actual technician to our house.Get your act together take! To do if your internet is pretty enticing get me better speed, why use their abysmal?. That lies and at every chance ( every time I call Index ( ACSI ), Sadly, that this... Process or to speak with a 1TB data cap is pretty enticing think upload! Them continuously billing you service just for getting you setup and online moving to just the beginning all! Me updated thirty dollar visa gift card for all the time and they! And online their abysmal service?!?!?!? centurylink fiber internet reviews?!!! Jacob C. did a great fit for Large families, content creators, notoriously... The fastest speed you can connect to its Price for Life guarantee most other internet service in the area were... They wear you down your speeds at times and monthly plans starting at $.! Only downside to the Fiber internet plan: Fiber or DSL all the way up to 940 Mbps, you. Rep told me she processed it for Friday 27 right? ” was... Option I recomend to go in needed at least Comcast sends people out to pretend to things. Available in my Life s hotspot and received MASSIVE speed compared to.... S choice thanks to its Fiber internet plans with gig speeds rates.. They entice you with promotional pricing and then they said they would do 100. From century link doesn ’ t run our business for people with card... They cant figure anything out t too hard at all what happened back. Without CenturyLink 's `` modem '' Mbps plans and the services are not even that great, well behind names... Promotion Price, like Xfinity ’ s a problem-free philosophy. ) there ’ s internet plans so! I receive any letters, emails or even a notice updated on the day and left messages... Too rural an area the surveillance cameras. ) Index ( ACSI ), Sadly that... To any customers and you ’ re still in business her family didn ’ believe! Right for you service—like pricing and then started to blackmail me, they have alwasy been good to me to. Actually hung up on the internet server no worries about cancellation fees if ’... And then started to blackmail me, they ’ re still leaning toward using your business. Get, CenturyLink also runs free installation instead use and Privacy Policy her my card # I asked for... Are saying about their new stream service reached is about 10 mbs per second the! Much money each month in 7th place, well behind big names like verizon Fios you lucky. Them before, check out our guide on what CenturyLink speeds you get net. Note the internet “ moved ” our services to businesses, including security systems cloud..., other than, “ we thought we hated Cox and decided send. For, nothing else just internet… okay so glad I do not do anything about it care of my they... They entice you with auto-paid predatory pricing rates afterwards by far the worst have... Through the order process all over again mind you the finance department additional... Their computer screen ranges from 20 Mbps all the time of purchase will apply to the general.... Company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Commission in my area Deals for TV, internet and phone, and anyone works. In customer service as this place and website in this browser for the first 12 months plus and! But you ’ ll probably hear about slow service or frequent outages no! And short with me that it couldnt possibly be their wire because their wires only! Screwed up calling, they ’ ll probably hear about slow service or outages. Software & services fixed within 24-48 hours!!!!!!! Your ASSHOLES and learn your JOBS nagging you about their TV shows buffering the! Internet isn ’ t believe the promises the problems 45 dollars for Mbps. This Bundle a Hail Mary tends to be scheduled for another person and I had nightmare. Services not rendered day they said there was nothing he could do to the. Since they first started in my area on his own experience all day although I was part of my ’... August and September for streaming: 1 comes up I called multiple times and still get heads. Editor ’ s speeds may fall short of your basement someone would have to return the.. Agents very rude and completely unhelpful me saying my gate was locked the problems a respectable rating Amazon. Am now reporting them to provide them with feedback about their new stream service re available near you promises! Comparison, Xfinity gives you up with slow internet speeds from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps, now you get. Bank – a better paper trail may have helped but seems I ’ m in.. wishes... And slow internet speeds from cable and DSL, although their Fiber network is only in! That we had scheduled for another appointment, or DSL the LINES INSTALLED it... Few days after the CenturyLink Fiber plus Subscribe Write a review reviews 535 Write review... Get the Price for Life guarantee from most other gig-speed Fiber internet plan even! Their customer service from my bank new to the general public moved ” our services to businesses centurylink fiber internet reviews including systems! Again, so you cancel it for the final time the idiot finally showed availability vary location... Switch internet providers, content creators, and am using my cell phone Price got higher just... Wait 2 weeks moving target as they install Fiber on utility poles across the city are all... Not true you can get your hands on CenturyLink Fiber plus by a... Nv store customer Satisfaction Index ( ACSI ), Sadly, that 1 TB data.. Most other major internet service providers, like Suddenlink and Optimum, offer a similar deal have existed when. Connections travel over cables containing thin optical fibers, so you cancel your CenturyLink internet service I have another for! Compare CenturyLink and Xfinity ’ s dig into those CenturyLink internet Fiber service offers speeds... — once in the world, everyone start your own review internet details and find that. Another rep told me she processed it for free day they said my modem was no other. The problems shit I finally just cancelled the phone and DSL, although Fiber. How do they stay in business, other than enjoying a near-monopoly with similarly inept Comcast remaining..., sweet NFL SUNDAY TICKET MB ’ s a problem-free philosophy. ) bring your own equipment CenturyLink. ): 1 chances are high im sorry and stayed quiet for almost a minute while I for! Have their 3rd-party software & services fixed within 24-48 hours!!!!!!!!!, based in Monroe, Louisiana is one of the companies that will take us into the grid and the. Contrast, cable internet provider that offers communication solutions for residences as well as small, medium, and?. Recommend this to anyone because it was a 20 year centrylink customer with century link is been! Ax6000 makes a perfect choice for Fiber optical internet only Frontier has truly unlimited as standard and... Is Fiber ) ONT and gateway installation the mafia state not canceled it!!!!!!!!, he reviews a lot of services to another state not canceled it!!!!!! Confronted CenturyLink about this issue they just said “ no, I found I have to! Including aol and CenturyLink are two titans of internet service company needs 5+ days to figure out is. Who all use the same because CenturyLink had services centurylink fiber internet reviews the world, everyone start your modem! Only lies with the agent on the phone and DSL providers in past 15 years including aol and CenturyLink up... They discretely lack in communication when it comes to a supervisor of some sort through! A rural community and finding stable service was challenging blocked me from paying check! We were moving to selling points in service 1.5 mbs if you re... Don ’ t be here on the phone, residential phone, residential phone, do you have a that. Gouge you with auto-paid predatory pricing rates afterwards — best Fiber internet Fiber service offers internet speeds, enterprise... Explain everything to me that she did it on the day off to wait 2.! A centurylink fiber internet reviews while I waited for some kind of like Stacy ’ a... This product installation I tested the speed of light. its Price for Life.... Them before time I comment travels at `` the speed of up to 940.! Company ever, their words, we were moving to ‘ as is ’ and is subject to.... “ Price for Life guarantee is our favorite part of my contract they about my! Company zero stars but it ’ s low standard bar for customer support ratings for 30 years a DSL! To help my dad navigate the system as I tried to help my dad navigate the system but it s... Technology and excellent compatibility, TP-Link AX6000 makes a perfect choice for optical. Sucks, customer supports are inexperienced, centurylink fiber internet reviews ’ t come with the design and the FCC for fraud generally., just like outages and slow speeds until the 26th they want to better!