In case Windows is not able to understand, we can force it. Instead, check the tricks written above and solve the Windows key issue on the go. Launch Powershell with admin privileges. No matter which PC you are using, updating the keyboard or hotkey or Synaptics device drivers can always be the solution. Press and Hold down the Shift key and press the Lock Icon Key. This can be done by an … After trying the methods there, the problem should fix. It can be a hardware issue, or a bug due to the latest Windows 10 update, filter keys bug, gaming mode relates issue, and more. Here are four main reasons that could cause ALT codes not working on Windows 10: 1. 3. 3. You will mostly find it at the upper right corner of the keyboard. Some of these keys are periodically laid out below, but not for the purpose of activation (though you may be lucky). From the left context menu, choose Recovery. There are a couple of ways to update keyboard drivers on your laptop. Is it not working? These Window 10 keys can be used to activate all versions of window 10 editions including pro and enterprise. Depending on the manufacturer, the key with the Lock Icon could be the Escape Key, F10 Key or another key. Next up: Step 3: Right-click HID Keyboard Device and then choose Uninstall device. Step 2: It will open a small Run Window. Some users have noticed that the Windows key isn’t functioning because it’s been disabled. Step 1: From the Windows Search, look for the Windows PowerShell and open the software. Step 3: Hit enter and let the command run. Clean Boot is a state of Windows which runs the PC with minimally required drivers, and applications. Type REGEDIT on the start menu, and launch it with admin privileges. The content remains unbiased and authentic. Every key is mapped into the computer’s memory. Once it executes successfully, you will be able to use the Windows Key as usual. We're going to guide you through troubleshooting steps you can take if your Windows key has stopped working. 4. Windows 10’s Filter Key bug. It is also named as WinKey. Use Registry Editor to fix Windows key not working issues On the menu that opens, click HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE on Local Machine. There’s a known bug in Windows 10’s Filter Key feature which causes issues with typing on the login screen. WINDOWS 10 PRO: 8N67H-M3CY9-QT7C4-2TR7M-TXYCV. Now disable the remaining services one by one, and restart your PC to see if it resolves the issue. We are going to fix the Windows key not working issue with the help of PowerShell. We have covered the main reasons of your Windows 10 Start menu not working and solutions that have proved to resolve this issue. These steps will help you get back to typing better in no time at all. Moreover, the reason behind the Windows keys not working in Windows 10 Pc is that some technical influences have triggered the PC. Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Windows 10 PC. Step 1: Right-click on the Windows icon and go to Device Manager. The issue can be irritating and breaks the workflow for you. By Kevin Arrows March 13, 2018. If Windows key did not work then it is your keyboard fault and you have to either repair … Chances for something like this to happen is low. After the command is executed, the Windows key should start working again. Did the #mouse and #keyboard of your #Windows PC abruptly stopped working? Or perhaps, #keyboard #shortcuts suddenly stopped working? In this post, we will discuss the top seven ways to fix the Windows key not working on Windows 10 issue. To enable your Windows key: Click Start, type ‘Run’ and click Run, or in Windows 8/10 right click on the start button and click run Type ‘regedt32’, and then click OK. Windows key is one of the core keys in Windows. 1. Read this guide to learn 6 effective fixes to the issue. You might want to roll back the keyboard driver to see if it fixes it for you. Disable it. You will have to use the keyboard software from the OEM to disable Windows key or WinKey when not gaming. Close Registry and reboot the PC and see if it has fixed the issue. Disable the Win Lock option and try using the Windows key again. You need to update the drivers to the latest version. Restart your PC, and it will force it to scan, and then create a new key for it. 3. Expand the Keyboard Layout key, locate Scancode Map registry entry and delete it. STEP 1-Look for the F Lock or F mode key on your keyboard. Keys on keyboard not working. Case 1 – Windows button not working Method 1 – Try keyboard on other Computer (If external Keyboard) If you are using an external keyboard for your PC, then you might want to check that button is actually working or not. Read the post below to find ways to fix the issue. Not only do you lose quick access to the Start menu, but it also breaks lots of handy shortcuts too. If the Windows key or WinKey is not working on Windows 10, then the problem can be solved by updating the device driver, disabling hardware lock key on the gaming keyboard, by forcing Windows … Follow the steps below. Case 2: Windows Key Cannot Open Start Menu. WINDOWS 10 … 2 minutes read . You can either search for the keyboard drivers on the manufacturer’s website or download the necessary drivers from the Device Manager utility. Step 3: Right-click on it and select ‘Update Drivers’. You can also choose to download the latest driver from the OEM website and update it accordingly. Here's our dedicated guide to fix the issue. Many keyboards have Gaming mode switch on by default. Now, select Update & Security. Step 1: Right-click the Windows icon on the taskbar and choose Device Manager. Make sure to create a restore point before executing this so in case something goes wrong; you can get back to the previous state. This calls in for registry editing, so make sure to take a backup or create a restore point, and then perform this step. TECHNICAL PREVIEW FOR ENTERPRISE: PBHCJ-Q2NYD-2PX34-T2TD6-233PK. Most Gaming keyboards support Gaming Mode on the keyboard. Windows understands input from the hardware by keeping a digital map called ScanMap. When it comes to typing numbers into a computer, nothing beats the practicality, usability and comfort offered by the dedicated numeric keypad that is found on all standard computer keyboards. © 2021 Guiding Tech. When Create new task window opens, enter cmd and check to Create this task with administrative privileges. To do that, open Run by hitting the Windows and R key on your keyboard at the same time. The reason could be the physical damage, or an accidental hot coffee or water spilled out on the keyboard. 4. PowerShell is a powerful tool for making changes to your Windows computer, as well as troubleshooting. If your number keys are not working on the right side of your keyboard, its a common bug affecting windows 10 users worldwide and here is a simple and working fix to solve this problem. A new major Windows 10 update. 2) Windows Search Service. If the USB Port is not working, you can refer to this guide: How to Fix USB Ports Not Working in Windows 10 If the USB Ports are working, the problem is with the USB Keyboard and you can try other methods as listed below to fix the problem of USB Keyboard not working in Windows 10. The option is mostly disabled on your device, but if you have enabled it, it’s time to turn off the option from the Windows Settings.