PCS Orders. Unique Categories of Entitlements. d. Dependents reimbursement for evacuation travel and per diem expenses are sent to DFAS-Rome, NY for processing and payment. No one can stop you from following your service member overseas on unaccompanied orders, but it is a decision that will require a lot of thought and research, along with a … Taxable Entitlements. My dependents will remain on Aviano. b. Noncompliance on submission of voucher/claim may result in recovery action in accordance with 4 FAM 490. Soldier is not entitled to evacuation entitlements. Active duty Airmen who make an Overseas Permanent Change of Station (PCS) are entitled to receive permanent change of station services and allowances to help manage the move. Thanks. There are numerous steps in the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) process. Step 3 - PCS Entitlement Guide. I would like know what entitlements (or lack of) for finance, housing, and SOFA, etc for my dependents and for myself. ... Unaccompanied baggage is authorized for up to 100 pounds net weight per person and is transported by air, such as postal service and FedEx. MAP 54-18(I) – Clarify Partial DLA Authorization. c. Evacuation entitlements are only for military dependents. (2) Five (5) work days of completion of permanent change of station (PCS); and (3) Five (5) work days for each thirty (30) calendar-day period for extended travel, including long-term training and PCS travel. The following entitlements may be authorized for unaccompanied PCS tours of 181 to 365 days: TRAVEL ENTITLEMENTS: Travel entitlements can be very complex and there isn't enough space here to explain all the specific rules.We suggest you talk to the finance office concerning specific travel entitlements. Service members should review their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to ensure awareness and understanding of all applicable entitlements to include current household goods weight restrictions and allowances, military pay and entitlements, local housing policies, government of Japan pet importation regulations and addi- Entitlements Entitlement are different for every individual. If departing the duty station, the Soldier must be on an authorized travel, leave, TDY, or PCS status. The … Submitting your advance or settlement voucher. Benefit Highlights An Overseas Permanent Change of Station, much like everything else in the Air Force, is a process. b. ... §302-4.204 - If my spouse or domestic partner does not accompany me but travels unaccompanied at … A permanent change of station (PCS) is an assignment of a new appointee to an official station or the transfer of an employee from one official station to another on a permanent basis. Keep an accurate travel itinerary record, (for yourself and dependents, if applicable) as it can get confusing trying to fill out a travel voucher from memory. About the Civilian PCS Entitlement Guide. Removes wording in JTR, par. PCS'ing to Lajes from Aviano, opting for 15-month unaccompanied tour. ... including amendments, for each type of shipment planned (e.g., Household Goods (HHG), Non-Temporary Storage (NTS), Unaccompanied Baggage (UB)). 050802 and Table 5-18. PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION (PCS) ENTITLEMENT POLICY - POLICIES FOR UNIQUE CATEGORIES OF TRAVEL/RELOCATION ENTITLEMENTS Responsible Office CNO (N13) Phone: DSN COM FAX 225-3322 (703) 695-3322 225-3311 Governing Directive Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR), paragraphs U5410 and U9000-E 1. 050508-A to Affects par. Korea and Turkey are two locations where unaccompanied orders are frequent. The Finance Office will brief you on your individual entitlements upon arrival and in-processed through finance. member to escort a dependent to a designated place in preparation for an unaccompanied OCONUS tour on a unit Permanent Change of Station move. In 2016, more than 600 family members of U.S. military and civilian personnel were forced to leave Incirlik Air Base and several smaller bases in Turkey because of worsening security conditions there. An idea of when you want to move and an estimated weight.