If you have ever heard of an iron referred to as a “butterknife,” this would be a prime example. The shaping is tour inspired with a thinner topline, minimal offset and enhanced camber for better turf interaction. The T100 inspires daring, imaginative play with precise distance, Tour-level shaping and signature Titleist feel. The S stands for Strong. Think of the T200 irons as a replacement for the AP3 model. Tungsten weighting is used in the heel and toe to reduce the centre of gravity and increase stability. Tungsten weighting is used in the heel and toe to reduce the centre of gravity and increase stability. A tad bit more forgiveness than blades, but not by much. Tarn Lane, The only thing i read - "Forged to suit the player’s eye. In this comparison, we will be pitting the Titleist T200 Irons against the Taylormade 2019 P790 Irons.. The best way to describe the new T100-S irons from Titleist is: More speed, stronger flight, same package. The Difference Between the Titleist T100 vs T100S (Comparison) There is a small difference between the T100 and T100S. The stock shaft for the T100•S is the True Temper Projext X LZ, a mid-launch, low spin, 120g shaft. From the precision and feel of T100 to the forgiveness of T400, Titleist irons are for players who know the difference between wishing you could and knowing you can. Done. Lofts … The T200 irons have stronger lofts, which make them more appropriate for golfers who are looking for a little more distance with their irons. A good ballstriker doesn’t need the extra forgiveness for mishits – after all, they shouldn’t have that many mishits. Everybody good? Honma TR20V Silver. So where do they sit in the line? Hannah Holden, by Titleist T100 Silver. From the Tour's best to the best in your foursome, Titleist irons are designed to help discerning players at every level go lower than ever before. Titleist have added the T100S to the already popular T100 line of irons. by It’s a set of irons comparable to Titleist’s AP2 model but with a slightly smaller blade, a thinner topline and a little less offset. Perfectly struck shots truly feel like butter, while mishits give you immediate feedback, which can be beneficial if you are trying to dial in your ballstriking. In order to give even more players a better fit, they created the T100-S irons. It’ll truly force you to hit the center of the clubface. Titleist T100 Specifications “Our design philosophy for irons is always to try and stretch out the long and mid-iron end of the set because most players don’t have a ton of their disposal – at some point your gaps are going to start shrinking at the long iron end of the set, so we’re always trying to pull that out to make the set more usable for the largest cross-section of users. An iron can’t have it all. Titleist has officially launched its T-series (T100, T200 and T300), 620 MB and 620 CB irons to the public, after recently launching its new U500 and U510 irons), as well as its TS hybrids. A good ballstriker will be rewarded on well struck shots with: great feel at impact, incredible distance control, and workability. | January 16, 2020 | Equipment. At a price tag of $1,200, we’d recommend an older model of the Titleist CB sets unless you hate money. LS17 9BF, “T100S was developed as a Player’s Distance iron with an emphasis on the word, TaylorMade SIM2 driver review: We put it head to head against the original SIM, A golf shoe built from the ground up: FootJoy redefines HyperFlex range. Titleist’s inaugural T-Series irons have something for nearly everyone—the T100 for the golfer who wants a traditionalist’s fully-forged, player’s iron, the T200 for the player who enjoys the forged feeling with some distance and forgiveness assistance in a compact club head and the T300 for the golfer who needs forgiveness that will provide maximum distance across the entire face. Miura CB-301 Silver. Titleist created their T-Series irons to provide a complete set of options for every type of golfer. Titleist T100-S Irons are forged player's cavity golf clubs designed to give you control, precision, and maximum distance with every shot. Titleist T100 Irons Verdict The Titleist T100 irons offer better players who like the look of blades with more forgiveness and a lot of options. Compared to the other models in the T series, the T100 and T100S are the most compact. Your email address will not be published. Sign up here for our newsletter and you'll never slice a drive again. Super sharp and professional looking. Great distance control, but not necessarily the longest. But by doing that you start to sacrifice the incredible feel and turf interaction – the reasons why players were gravitating toward them in the first place. I really like the workability of these players irons. It won’t help your scores in the short term, but it will teach you how to be a better ballstriker in the end. Modeled after the tour-refined design of the new Titleist T100 models, the new T100•S irons are calibrated with 2-degree stronger lofts to give better players more distance, while maintaining the feel and precision of the original T100 design. (Jan. 16, 2019) – The introduction of the all-new Titleist T100•S irons meets the need for a fully-forged player’s iron that plays stronger to produce greater distance. From the Tour's best to the best in your foursome, Titleist irons are designed to help discerning players at every level go lower than ever before. What does this mean? “So our engineers went back and redesigned each individual iron to give these players the stronger lofts and distance they’re looking for, while preserving the performance of that pure forged shape and sole.”. I know working the ball is a bit of a lost art, but good ballstrikers will really value how easy you can turn the ball over in either direction. The spin rate was closely similar, just about 200 RPMs less on the T100s in average per club. At a whopping price tag of $1,200, we are going to assume that you’d rather spend LESS money if possible. Titleist T100 Review. FAIRHAVEN, Mass. The T200 that I reviewed has a number of game-improvement features in a very classic-looking clubhead. Basically that means they are a pretty good option for low and mid handicappers that want great distance without sacrificing feel (or gaming a chunky spaceship style game improvement iron). Very thin toplines. I’ve been told that I sometimes can be overly technical so I want to make sure I didn’t lose any of you. When hit on the center of the club face, you’ll be blown away by the performance of the T100 and T100S irons. This effectively gives me 5 wedges. The weight placement was adjusted to decrease the center of gravity to ensure enough height on iron shots. ... As such, the forged dual-cavity design T100S is a reimagining of the T100. The T100 features a forged cavity construction and a thinner, more responsive face. Titleist T100S irons: The technology. The biggest difference with the CB this year is they took the tungsten out of the 5, 6, 7 irons from the previous model. To sum it up, the only real difference here is that the T100S irons are a tad bit longer. Competitive amateurs will likely be most interested in the T100 series. Additionally, the T200 irons are a bit more forgiving than the T100, but they still have a traditional look. Here’s what Josh Talge, Titleist’s vice-president of marketing, said: “T100S was developed as a Player’s Distance iron with an emphasis on the word Player’s. Who is the T100S aim aimed at? Guys, this one is as easy as it gets, so I’m going to move fast. Both iron sets result in an awesome feel at impact. The most obvious change is the S on the back of the clubhead, but there are small differences in the topline as well as a redefined sole – so if you like the looks of T100 you’re going to enjoy this new offering. The T100S irons are 2-degrees stronger than the T100 irons . T100 just too short? The real difference comes in performance between the two. Here is everything you need to know, by From the precision and feel of T100 to the forgiveness of T400, Titleist irons are for players who know the difference between wishing you could and knowing you can. We’ve taken the most popular irons on the PGA Tour and carefully engineered them to maximise distance. STRIKE FROM FURTHER The fully-forged construction of T100S, with 2 of stronger loft than our T100 Irons, creates a solid, consistently controllable club that delivers the exact performance, and greater distance, better players demand. “As we were launching the new T-Series, we met a lot of golfers who were really excited about T100 but had become accustomed to playing stronger-lofted iron sets. It’s worth noting that even mid and high handicappers can benefit from this set in the longterm. The T200 and T300 both offer new Max Impact face technology to increase ball speed and launch, […] Our particular thoughts on the additional carry distance were that Titleist had claimed to reduced the face thickness on the T100s, which makes total sense. Funny thing is I play the T100's, but had them bent 2* strong so now they match the T100s specs. Hannah Holden When a whole bunch of Titleist club fitters were asked to build T100 sets but with stronger lofts for players who prefer a more penetrating flight or want more distance, the Titleist T100S irons were born. Related: titleist t100s iron set titleist t200 irons titleist t100 iron set titleist 620 cb pxg 0311 gen 3 irons titleist t200 titleist 620 mb irons titleist ap2 iron set ping i500 iron set titleist t200 iron set mizuno jpx 919 forged mp20 mmc Great forged feel, and… more importantly… less than half the price of the Titleist T100 and T100S irons. I have been using the T100 irons since they were released so this new addition caught my eye. One of the best players irons available. Slide 1 of 6. When we first tested the forged T100 in July last year it delivered on feel and looks but I just couldn’t afford to sacrifice the loss off distance. In case you really just hate to read, let’s break it down. Gold. 2 Arena Park, The T100S irons are 2-degrees stronger than the T100 irons. I do not strike the golf ball well enough on enough occasions and like most golfers need some help in the ball speed department. There is a small difference between the T100 and T100S. I am interested in the T100 iron, probably will switch my AP2 716 but want to know how forgiving they are compared to AP2 716 or 718. Titleist 620 CB Prev Club Titleist CNCPT CP-02. Titleist has completely revamped their lines of irons, no more AP1, AP2, and AP3, now we have T100 (and T100S), T200, T300, and T400. You can pick up a good condition set of Titleist 714 or 716 CB irons for about $400, which is a 1/3 of the price of the T series irons. The set can be used as is, or blended with the 620 CB short irons to give the benefits of forgiveness and that faster face in the mid and longer irons with the feel of a forged blade style club in the shorter irons. As expected, there’s not a whole lot of forgiveness here. And keep in mind MOST of the increase in distance is due solely to reducing the loft of the clubs without changing the number on the bottom of the club. In the late summer of 2019, Titleist released the completely re-engineered T-Series irons that included the T100, T200, and T300. Great feel and surprising levels of performance. The small profiles and forged design result in great feel, but little forgiveness.

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